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July 4th

Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

"The Boston Pops Orchestra performs the best music of the past and present, appealing to the wildest possible audience with a broad spectrum of styles, from jazz to pop, indie rock to big band, film music to the great American songbook, and Broadway to classical, making it the perfect orchestra for people who don't know they like orchestras!"

- Keith Lockhart, Music Director of Boston Pops Orchestra & Principal Conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra

"Affectionately known as 'America's Orchestra', the Boston Pops is the most recorded and arguably the most beloved orchestra in the country..."

July 4th Celebrations
Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Established 1912

Known as "America's most beloved ballpark", Fenway is the oldest baseball stadium in the country still in use!

Home of the

Boston Red Sox



The Boston Red Sox won the World Series the inaugural year of Fenway Park

Babe Ruth (1895 - 1948)

Babe Ruth (1895 - 1948)

Ted Williams (1918 - 2002)

Ted Williams (1918 - 2002)

Jimmie Foxx (1907-1967)

Jimmie Foxx (1907-1967)

John Pesky (1919-2012)

John Pesky (1919-2012)

Click the pictures to learn about some of these baseball legends who, at one time, called Fenway Park their home.

For Ticket and Tour Information

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The History Lover's Guide for

Visiting Fenway

  1. Get there early!

Finding parking near the stadium takes time. When my family went, we missed the start of the game; because, we couldn't find a place to park!

2. Don't "wing it" on buying tickets- they go fast!

The stadium was completely packed...apparently from May 2003 -April 2013 Fenway sold out every single game, setting a world record of an 820 game sellout streak!

3. The seats are not luxuriously roomy

I mean, it's the country's oldest stadium what do you expect? It's kind of part of the charm of going there - you can feel the history.

4. Red Sox fans are passionate about their stadium

They like to name parts of their stadium like walls and foul poles - (Green Monster and Pesky's pole). There are lots of obstructed views from where parts have been added on over the years, the seats are small, and the tickets are among the priciest in the league...but within those walls some of the greatest moments in baseball history were forged. Red Sox fans own a special piece of American history. Don't miss it - experience the joy of living history!

Boston Tea Party

Ships and Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Tavern Nights

"Revel with Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Dorothy Quincy and other prominent Bostonians as they lift their glasses in celebration, raise their voices in song and determine the fate of Colonial America!


Sample rustic fare, play authentic games, learn boisterous songs and cheerful dance in a spirited colonial tavern atmosphere. Let joy be unfettered and laughter unchained with the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Freedom!"



Video Credit: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum 

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Faneuil Hall

Built 1742

This historic building was built as a common marketplace for Boston.


The 2nd floor was used as a meeting hall for town meetings with men such as Samuel Adams giving passionate speeches in defense of independence from England.

The meeting hall is still used to this day for meetings, banquets, debates, ceremonies etc. You can rent the hall for free, but be prepared to be on a waiting list! When I visited there in 2008 - there was a 10 year waiting list!

Faneuil Hall

1742 - Shem Drowne, a Boston coppersmith made a grasshopper weathervane said to be modeled after a grasshopper weathervane on top of the Royal Exchange in London. It would later be gold gilded.


1761 - A fire damaged the grasshopper. Shem Drowne's son, Thomas, was chosen to fix it. Not only did he fix it, but he put a time capsule in the belly of the grasshopper. The time capsule included item such as coins, newspapers, letters.

1812 - Potential British spies were asked what was on top of Faneuil Hall. If they did not know about the grasshopper, they were suspected to be a spy.

1852 - More items were added to the time capsule

1952 - The time capsule was rediscovered, opened, and a new note was placed inside.

1974 - The grasshopper was stolen! But no worries it was recovered by Paul Revere's descendant, police officer, Paul Revere Carroll.



Faneuil Hall


The Paul Revere House


Learn about the famous Midnight Ride!

Paul Revere House

 "The British are coming!"


-said no one ever!

Although we tell the story of Paul Revere warning colonists of the British soldiers coming with this popular phrase - it didn't actually happen that way...

Remember: at this time, they were all British citizens!


Paul Revere was not alone on his ride.


There was at least two other men that we know of that rode with him that night.

Old North Church

Paul Revere was appointed to ride to Lexington to warn of the British troops. He worked out a system that would alert the Patriots of the path the British were taking...


One lantern would be hung from the steeple of Old North Church if the British were traveling by land - two would be hung if they were coming by sea.

Old North Church

Points Of Interest Near Boston:

Minute Man

National Historic Park: 

Drive time: 23 mins.


  • Site of "the shot heard 'round the world".

      A.K.A. first battles of the American Revolution. 


Drive time: 34 mins.


  • Witch Trials.

  • Hometown of Nathaniel Hawthorn (Author of The Scarlet Letter)

  • One of the leading international trading ports in the country in the late 1700's

Points of Interest Near Boston
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