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Fenway Park
Image by Andre Tan

Fenway Park

Established 1912

Home of the
Boston Red Sox

Known as "America's most beloved ballpark", Fenway is the oldest baseball stadium in the country still in use!


 A Trip Worth Making 


November 28, 2022

November 28, 2022


The Boston Red Sox won the World Series the inaugural year of Fenway Park.

  1. Get there early!

Finding parking near the stadium takes time. When my family went, we missed the start of the game; because, we couldn't find a place to park!

2. Don't "wing it" on buying tickets- they go fast!

The stadium was completely packed...apparently from May 2003 -April 2013 Fenway sold out every single game, setting a world record of an 820 game sellout streak!

3. The seats are not luxuriously roomy

I mean, it's the country's oldest stadium what do you expect? It's kind of part of the charm of going there - you can feel the history.

4. Red Sox fans are passionate about their stadium

They like to name parts of their stadium like walls and foul poles - (Green Monster and Pesky's pole). There are lots of obstructed views from where parts have been added on over the years, the seats are small, and the tickets are among the priciest in the league...but within those walls some of the greatest moments in baseball history were forged. Red Sox fans own a special piece of American history. Don't miss it - experience the joy of living history!
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