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T.V. Review: Secrets of Highclere Castle

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

I love a good documentary. Don't get me wrong - I've watched plenty of boring ones...but this isn't one of them.

You may recognize this famous castle. It is the location of the hit series: Downton Abbey. This documentary takes you to behind the scenes of this home to see how it's run today and to learn a little bit about the history of the place and those who lived there. I'm not going to made me really want to go visit it.

Highclere castle is one of England's best known country fact to this day it is one of the last aristocrat owned farming estates in England. The same family has lived there for 300 years. Impressive, right? The home is historic and the grounds are overflowing with country charm. As evidenced by the popularity of Downton Abbey, there's certainly a draw to this place and the life it offers. But this documentary seemed to point out over and over that there was a certain pressure to make sure Highclere is upkept and successful as the Earl didn't want his legacy to be that of having the historic estate fall to ruins under his watch. It made me wonder just how well off the estate really is. No matter the case, it is clear that there is a high esteem for those who came before and the legacy that they left.

If you are interested in learning more about Highclere castle - how it's run today and what type of life people led who lived there for generations before, this is a very interesting show. Even if you have never heard of this place or watched Downton Abbey, this show is really intriguing. So what are you waiting for...get on Netflix...

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