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History Ain't Boring

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Ask the average person if they like history, and the answer will probably be a resounding "No!". But why is that? History is really nothing more than the story of people's lives. And everyone likes to tell/hear a good story about something significant, funny or ridiculous that happened to themselves or a friend. It's what brings us together, grows us, and makes memories.

Maybe we should start thinking of history as something bigger than just a bunch of words in a book, or dates to memorize.

What if an entire generation decided that history was relevant and was worth discussing?

What if we no longer felt like history was stale? What if we came to the conclusion that history ain't boring? One generation can make a difference - and it starts by seeing the full picture that history has to give us.

Still have doubts? It happened in one major city just this fall.

August 2017. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and devastated Houston. It is believed to be the 2nd costliest natural disaster worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of homes were flooded. Many people lost everything.

The whole city came together to help others in whatever way possible. The Houston Astros were no exception. Their goal: give the people of Houston something to smile about, even if it's just for a couple of hours. And it worked. Millions of people rallied around the baseball team who had never won a world series.

Their motto: #EarnHistory

#EarnHistory and #HoustonStrong became a rallying cry for the city and the Houston Astros. Social media, billboards, commercials, and even parking garages were being overtaken with these words. The road to the World Series was no longer about a team of guys playing ball. It was about an entire city who lost so much. It was about the fans who waited decades to see their home team win the championship. It was about something bigger than themselves. Millions of people excitedly watched history being earned as the Astros went on to win their 1st World Series. The city of Houston went from being crushed to having a bolstering of joy and identity. All because of one team who decided HISTORY AIN'T BORING.

Ready to change the world? Let's start by changing the way we view history.

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