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Book Review: George Washington's Secret Spy War

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

If you are looking for a heavy read on George Washington- this isn't it. It's an easy flowing book that gives good insight into how and why Washington's spy game was so successful. The author may have downplayed the role of the Culper Spy Ring in the war, but overall this was a fun book.
What made it stand out? The connections that were made between Washington's spy work during the French and Indian War and Washington's spy work during the American Revolution. This was the scarlet thread woven through the entire book. The lessons Washington learned in the French and Indian were highly valuable to him during the Revolution.
A few of these lessons:
"Use one lie to verify another lie, and have the lies come to the enemy from different sources"
"Use fake mail and reports that accidently on purpose fell into enemy hands"
"Be diligently on the lookout for deceptions from the enemy"
"Verify one spy's intelligence with that of another or several others to keep from being deceived"
Give detailed instructions to spies so they know exactly what to do
Each chapter of the book explained a different aspect of how Washington learned from previous mistakes of the French and Indian war, and implemented these lessons into how he used spies during the Revolution.
It was an engaging story as it even connected Washington's strategies of deception and trickery to strategies that were used during the Normandy landing in World War II as well as Operation Desert storm in Iraq in the 1990's.
If you have the perception that George Washington was the man who said " I cannot tell a lie", this book will help give you a fuller picture of who he was and just how vital his role as a spymaster was to us winning a war against the greatest military in the world.

I definitely recommend this book! Click HERE to order it now!*

*Disclaimer: I make a commission off of any purchases made through this link.

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