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 Read about some of the world's most awe-inspiring people and places who have left their mark on history.

Test your knowledge with these fun bits of TRIVIA!

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February's Topic - American Revolution

B. France
Benjamin Franklin was America's first ambassador. What European country was he sent to in order to gain foreign aid in the war against the British?
A. Spain
B. France
C. China
C. Spy Rings a.k.a. Intelligence
George Washington led a war against the greatest military in the world and won. What strategic strength did he rely on to give the American cause the upper hand?
A. Large Army to Outnumber the British
B. Umm...He Actually Lost the War
C. Spy Rings a.k.a. Intelligence
A. He felt used and overlooked
Benedict Arnold is infamous for being a traitor, but he wasn't always one.  He had been a war hero for the American cause. What pushed Arnold to commit treason?
A. He felt used and overlooked
B. He wanted to meet King George
C. He was being blackmailed

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