Book Review: Carrying Independence

History is a funny thing. We often look back at it and see it based on our modern-day mindset. As if people knew all along what the end-result would be and knew what side to be on or what path to take. But that’s not how history happens. History is something that’s forged. It’s created one decision at a time. When we look back at the American Revolution, it is easy to know the end-result and expect that all the colonists were super pumped about the Declaration of Independence or the Boston Tea Party. But that just isn’t the case.

The American Revolution was a big deal. It was a bunch of every-day people actively pursuing separation from the country with the greatest military in the world. This wasn’t something that was taken lightly. It was something that every single individual and family had to decide which side they would take.

In her book, Carrying Independence, Karen Chase captures this inner struggle very vividly. As each character is faced with the reality of the war, it is surprisingly easy for the reader to put themselves in that situation. I enjoyed that aspect of this book. In a way, it was like being transported back in time. An invitation to put aside the modern-day mindset and really think about what it must have been like to be faced with the American Revolution.

The Verdict:

If there was one negative thing to say, I think it would be more of a personal preference of making less chapters. The book is a standard-length novel, but it has over eighty chapters. Which I’ve never seen before on a book this size. But each chapter is only a few pages – so for those who like to read a little at a time, this might be perfect little snippets.

Karen Chase clearly did a lot of research for this book and it shows. Readers can learn a lot about the American Revolution and the time period from reading this book. I appreciate the way it allows readers to take a step back in time and really think about war and how it affected every single individual/family. It is a neat journey.

Overall, I would say if you are interested in the American Revolution and looking for a fictional book – Carrying Independence is worth checking out.


Fun Fact:

The History Lover was given the great opportunity to read this factually based historical fiction novel pre-production and is listed in the acknowledgments of the book!

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