10 Interesting Facts About Highclere Castle

This historic estate is quite beautiful. It is home to the Earl of Carnarvon.

Here's 10 quick facts about Highclere Castle:

1.The same family has lived there for 300 years.

2.The drive up to the house is lined with trees planted 300 years ago by the 1st Earl of Carnarvon

3. The grand staircase is made of solid oak and took a year to hand carve. It is 150 years old.

4. Highclere was one of the 1st estates in the area to have electricity.

5. The higher up the hierarchy, the more likely the royalty will visit. Since Highclere is home to an Earl, the house must always be ready for a visit from the queen.

6. The silk wall covering in the drawing room is over 100 years old.

7. Among the many possessions passed down for generations is Napoleon's desk from 1795.

8. In 1839, the same architect who designed the British Parliament building was brought in to remodel Highclere. He designed Highclere to look like the Parliament buildings.

9. It takes $1 million/year to maintain the estate.

10. Highclere is one of the last aristocrat owned farming estates in England.



Secrets of Highclere Castle


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