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Houston Museum of Natural Science

Past Special Exhibition: KNIGHTS

November 20,2017 - May 13, 2018

"To become a knight required training that often began as a child. They were usually second born of noble families who could expect no inheritance. From a young age, aspiring knights were trained to ride and accept military life. Upon reaching adolescence, they became a squire [a.k.a. groom], essentially an aide to a knight..."


Photo Credit: HMNS

When you leave your husband alone in the KNIGHTS exhibit for 10 seconds...

Fun Facts:

Also...I knew crossbows were kind of a big deal, but I didn't realize how deadly they were.

Nothing could protect you from the blow of a cross bow - not even steel armor!

Crossbows radically changed warfare strategy.


Chain mail is super heavy. Like... I have always heard that it was, but I had no idea.


This exhibit had some for you to be able to pick up. I could barely walk with that stuff.


I want to know how in the world knights fought while wearing all this heavy equipment?


Check out these pictures from my visit!

Papal Guard Armor (back)
Two Handed Sword
Papal Guard Armor (front)
Maximillian Style Armor
Long Spear Weapons
Knight and Horse in Armor
Jousting Armor and Shield
Parade Armor

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