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Constitution 101

Hillsdale College presents this free online course which "examines the political theory of the American Founding and subsequent challenges to that theory throughout American history."


Today in History

75th Anniversary

of VE Day

See videos and pictures from that much celebrated day.



Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum

Plan a visit to the world's largest naval aviation museum.

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Reading List

The History Lover Reading List

Explore the HL Reading List and find a book that interests you.


Free Lectures

Federalist Papers:

Hillsdale College presents this free online course focusing on the Constitution's meaning and history.



This online course is free and available to the public. There is no time frame limit for taking this course. Lectures and Quizzes are listed on the official Hillsdale College website.


A certificate of completion is awarded upon completing of this course.

*Videos and information via  Hillsdale College