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1940 Air Terminal Museum

Visit Hobby Airport's Original Terminal built in 1940! When you are done walking through the terminal (turned museum), walk just up the street to the airport's oldest hanger, built in the 1920's, and get up close and personal with some historic planes!
Adults $5  Kids $3
Kids 4& Under - Free!

When I first drove up to the 1940's terminal, I actually passed it. It's far from what the airport terminal of today looks like. It's on a small lot, on a street that seems like the "back lot" of today's airport more than a real road. From the start, it feels like you are getting a behind-the-scenes look at the airport.



As you pass through the gates, you are welcomed with the sight of two airplanes parked in the parking lot and a building that looks like it's seen better days, but you can imagine that in it's hey-day it was a pretty swanky place.

1940's airport terminal plane 2
1940's airport terminal
1940's airport terminal plane 1

The terminal was built in 1940, and the hanger nearby was built in the 1920's.

Right outside the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, you can watch airplanes taking off and landing...

 In fact, they allow you to actually go out to the runway for an up close and unique view.  A very neat experience!

The original waiting room for the terminal.

Inside the main building museum, you can look at all kinds of pieces of history ranging from official letters, to airline playing card collections, to office technology, to air traffic control equipment...

Airport Light
Old Papers
Original Luggage Check In
Vintage Clock
Airplane Playing Card Collection
Vintage Flight Records Book
Model Airplane
Vintage Flying Pants

Although the different artifacts were neat, what really made this old airport terminal come to life was the eagerness of the staff to share their excitement for aviation history.


This museum is meant as a personal tour, but they do a wonderful job of sharing interesting facts and stories. If you go, you don't want to miss out on their personal touch to this tour - so be sure to ask if they could give you a tour! 

1920's Hanger

If you are looking for the "Cool Factor" of this museum...this is it! Walk into the hanger and check out some awesome historical airplanes, fuel truck, and helicopter!

This is a Bobcat airplane. These style airplanes were used in WWII and nicknamed Bamboo Bomber

This huge Lockheed airplane is open for you to walk in and explore!

This vintage fuel truck was used for filling up airplanes. Yes, you can get in!

This huge helicopter was open for you to jump right in!

Perhaps one of my favorite things on this trip was learning in the air terminal about some French brothers who brought a little airplane to the Houston runway, built bleachers, and had people pay $1 each to watch the plane fly back and forth. Then while exploring the hanger, you get to see a life size model of that little makeshift plane!

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